About Deeksha

*Cloudless sky,

Starry night,

All these and life,

She looks at them

With hope and pride.

A glass of wine,

Another of water. 

Sometimes half-empty,

Other times, half filled.

Hope and Ambitions.

Failures and Inhibitions.*


An abrupt attempt to explain myself to anybody visiting this blog. Incomplete sentences and uncoordinated verses is probably the best manner to describe Deeksha. For she is still discovering what it is to be a woman, a human being and all that this worldly existence consists of.




  1. Deeksha,

    Now I know your full name… 😀
    That’s my first best friend’s name too…. And its nice to know more about you! 🙂 Harry Potter and Twilight ruled my teenage years too… They still do when I’m in the mood for fantasy …. 😛

    Lovely description!

  2. Wow! Your blog is so relatable. I have read only one passage. (And commented on IF too), but when I read this section, I was smiling like an idiot! Because of few examples like,
    > I can’t cook for life. And I cry even when someone else is cooking onions!
    > Can never solve crosswords! Try hard as I can, but I just can’t, unless of course, hints.
    > I am a veggie, and love food too
    > I write diary too.
    > Harry Potter!

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