Last Minute Rush!

As somebody who is at quite a few lasts in her life at the moment, I don’t think I could have come up with a better title for my never-as-late-as-ever post.

Sitting in my version of cupboard under the stairs, I truly have better things to do –

  1. Study for my last semester exams, which begin on Wednesday
  2. Look for a place to intern at beginning next month
  3. Look for a new place to stay in, hopefully, in the same city come July
  4. Study for entrances, which I have to take next month
  5. Pack up the last three years in boxes, cartons, luggage and ship them home
  6. Say goodbye!

But here I am, writing this blog hoping to do this for at least the next three months while I look for a purpose in life.

To be honest, all the exams that I have taken through eighteen years of my academic life I have had the same desire: go to sleep and don’t wake up until they are over. This time, it is different. My marks are going to be a mess – internals have already proven as much. I haven’t studied for the horrible subject that Taxation is and I might as well not go and not take it. I have, however, no desire to go to sleep. If it were up to me, I would keep awake and savour this month – learn, catch up and not say goodbye.

What is really astonishing to me is I did not feel this way when I left school, left home and came to a new city for my undergraduate! Nope..there was excitement and relief to have left all that behind. Right now, I don’t think I would like anything more but to box everything and a few special ones around me. Maybe, it is just the fear of the real world.

Moving on from exams, I have to intern this summer or go home. I am torn. I haven’t home for more than 4 days in the last one and a half years and that was twice. At the same time, I need to up my ability to get a job by interning somewhere before I start postgrad.

And did I tell you, I have given my shitty ass landlord notice without actually finding a place to live? So, I have exactly 21 days to move my ass and get a new room somewhere!

I don’t think I am in a position to talk about packing. I have unending books lying on my study table waiting for me to pick them up and read. Alas! I shall have to put them in cartons and send them home.

I have no clue why I am writing this but I am going to do the same thing for the next three months because this blog – though un-updated and unfollowed has been a constant for four years now.

If only I could switch on my yellow lights, GA episodes and be the ostrich, I dream to be.





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