Wilted | Prologue


Stuck in my head for a long time, this story has seen as many ups and downs as my life for the past few years. In a moment of gloom, it was born. I knew not then that I will not be able to abandon it like so many things in my life; from friendships to half written journals. Wilted, till now, has survived it all.


Only in moments of despair, do we crave for the harmony of monotony.

In the harshness of the Sun, the winter breeze is welcome.

But when lonely, loneliness engulfs you so hard,

You forget the warmth of a friendly hug.


The granite had never felt as cold as it did in that moment. She wanted to sleep, a dreamless peaceful slumber which would engulf her until morning. When had life been so accommodating? She wanted the hatred to consume her and take her through to the end of the journey. She wanted to stop huddling like a foetus and stop crying like a food-deprived baby. She wanted to lie down on the turquoise tiles, let the iciness embrace her and be lost in oblivion. Ironically, her cotton pyjamas were drenched in sweat. She could feel the beads in the swell of her breasts. More tears rolled down her cheeks, allowing a feeling of self-loath and chagrin settle over. She closed her eyes tight in an attempt to savour the moment. Red-rimmed, she opened them the next moment and asked nobody in general if it would ever be over; that feeling of incomplete acceptance.

She laughed, hollow, loud and crass.

To have such heavy a weight resting on her shoulder and she was only twenty-two.

To have surrounded herself with so much of darkness, it was absurd when she was light.



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