Chronicles 1.0

Chronicles 1.0

There are times when you want to walk ahead and never look back. How does that happen, my dear readers? Is it even possible? Aren’t there always U-turns that entice us – away from a beautiful place? We do turn around, don’t we? And then, inevitably there is the moment when we look back. What do you expect to do then? Find somebody there waiting for you to come back or an empty spot and a false hope.

In the nineteen years that this chronicler has spent on this earth, she has never stayed long in one place. Moving around has taught her that more than the people who stay in your life – there are those who do not. This has made her anxious and cautious. She does not make friends easily and those that she converses and talks to on a regular basis, she becomes a tad-bit possessive about. More than once, she has said stupid statements – unbecoming and indignant of her and the person that she is. They have always been hurtful and unforgivable words, like the bullet of the sniper – always aiming for the kill.

Friendships have died and withered away in the process. It is difficult to deny the reason and make excuses. How do we ignore the veracity of life, which stares you in the face? Ironic, how you forget so many and it hurts not a bit. Of all the promises, the ones which say that we shall stay together forever are the ones which are false.

Life happens – one forgets and shall always, keep on forgetting. We fight to hold on and then, you fight to let go. In the end, either you win or lose – you lose a piece of yourself for sure.


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