DeeLoony – She 1.03

She is too fast, she is intimidating and most of all, she is dazzling. At the first meeting, she had not been able to tell between her cold coffee and bhai’s Devil’s Own. It is laughable how Maa still recognises her in the same manner. ‘The Devil’s Own Chor.’ She is very difficult to keep up with. It is scaring when she doesn’t reply to texts – ‘may be, I have texted something foolish.’ She seems to love clothes and has a motherly touch. She cares for even those she doesn’t care for. She is an actor and she is an intellectual. She will make up to you for an incidence, which wasn’t her fault with a night out on the terrace for a tete-a-tete. She will let you talk shit without interruptions. She replies at all the right places and will let you pat yourself even though all you have talked is shit. She is ambitious and she has all the power to achieve the ambitions. She lends the power to you as well but… She is straightforward and likes to listen to the FM and makes fun of songs like ‘motichoor ke laddoo sa.’ She likes peace but she is fun-loving. It is very easy to fall in love with her and to come to care for her because she cares for you even though you are just another stranger. She makes everything look so easy until you try it yourself. Then, all you want to ask her is, ‘how the hell did you do it?’ She, I can tell you, has a magic wand. 😛

To you, my dear wingman,

On your birthday,

I wish, you find all you are looking for,

And you get all that you actually deserve.

Happy Birthday. (albeit a little early)

Loads of Love,

Deeksha 🙂


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