The Tale of a Pain

The tale of a pain!

The dazzling whiteness is gone. It seems such a significant part is lost. It is so ironic, I had never thought I would miss it when it was still there. It had seemed such a trivial thing – this feeling of loss, however, is acute and I don’t want to live like this. Every time I want to eat or talk, the loss makes its presence known. All I can do is gulp everything down to avoid the feeling of pain. But it isn’t just pain that I experience, there’s always the numbness. Every time I try to touch the part of me that is lost I get lost in something which is like a non-existent. I wish I had listened. I wished I had paid attention to little signs that were always there hinting at me to mend my ways, telling me what I was doing wasn’t correct. This tale of pain is insufferable, I wish I would just go to sleep without thinking about it. But that’s the time of the day when it is worse than eating or talking. I wish I could just survive by breathing. That’s only when I feel somewhat alive, then and when I am drinking. Drinking almost heals me until the time passes over and the glass finishes! Oh, Dr. Dentist, I wish you were not such a bad news to my appetite of sweets. Oh, the loss of a tooth shouldn’t be s acute.


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Deeksha 😛



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