Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger,

                                I do not know why I am writing this but I have been contemplating to do the same for a while, now. I don’t know when I’ll meet you. I am ignorant of the place you are at the moment, while I’m typing this or what you are doing. However, of one fact I’m sure, that someday, maybe not today, this month nor this year but one day we’ll meet.

                After having turned the last page of a romance, I sit and wonder for a while if our story will also be the same or if we will ever have one. I wonder whether we’ll fall in love at the first sight of each other – like it happens in fairytales or will we be best friends before love replace the bond of friendship.

                When I see a couple holding hands in the park or just two silhouettes in the dark, I speculate if we’ll be in their place sometime in the future.

                There are so many questions, I have – so many illusions, I think. Sometimes, it’s difficult to believe that it will happen but when I look out at the beautiful night sky and think of you, I know the how-s and the why-s won’t matter when I see your face.

It happens to me all the time. Has it ever happened to you?

With love,



A/N – I am not even reading it again.


Pri, this is for you. HBD girl 🙂



  1. Thank you so much for this piece. And I know why you are not reading it again because you have written is perfectly the first time. I think the girl here is any girl who dreams about her prince charming. And when she sees other couples holding hands she misses missing out on this relationship.

    Lovely piece of work.


    P.S. I know the girl is you. And the stranger is out there waiting for you.

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