A Moment

She folds the towel and keeps it atop the bag. She holds the zip and tries to shut the bag. She pushes the zip towards the other end. It refuses to move. Her hand is trembling. She feels tears of frustration roll down her cheeks. She had not wanted to shed them. The bag was filled with his necessities and just seeing them, had brought home the realization that he was going away today. This fact had tugged at her heart so furiously that it had contracted very suddenly and yet so slowly, that she could not withhold her pain. She slipped on to bed before her legs could give away. “He’ll come back to me,” she mutters to reassure herself. Suddenly, she feels warmth behind her – warmth she is familiar with but at the moment warmth she cannot relate to. He enters the room and finds her slumped on the bed with her back to the door. He can see her shaking. He moves forward and sits down beside her with his back to her. He turns to her side. He can see that she is mumbling something inaudibly to herself. He puts his hand over hers and finally zips the bag. He wipes her tears. He can see her rosy cheeks and her Rudolf like nose. He takes her into an embrace. He steps out of the hug and gets off the bed. He stands straight and salutes her in his heavy voice, “Captain Sharma reporting, Ma’am.” She smiles through her bleary eyes and flung herself into his arms. She steps back and takes his extended arm. They walk out of the house with the luggage. He locks the door of their home and takes a last look. As he drives the car, she does not let go of his left arm. They step outside. He locks the car and hands over the keys of their home and the car to her. Pulling the rucksack onto the platform of the station by his right hand and keeping his left arm around her shoulder, he waits for the last announcement. The station master announces the departure of the train and he can see a peon preparing to ring the bell. He turns to her side and hugs her for the last time – seeking in the faint floral smell of her perfume and her hair. He steps out and kisses her on the nose – which is still red. He can see the unshed tears. He shakes his head and says aloud, “Take care, dear.” She brushes his collar as if to brush away dust. Then, she steps back with a determined face. She smiles and kisses his cheek. She says, “Do your job, soldier.” As she watches the train go away, she waits for it – for him, to be no more in her sight. She sighs and looks at the platinum band on the ring finger of her left hand. She kisses it softly and says, “Do your job, soldier and come back to me.”


A/N – I don’t think this qualifies for fluffy but I had it written so here it is 🙂



  1. Aww… 🙂 It definitely doesn’t qualify as fluffy but I loved it for it’s sheer simplicity. A small moment and even without saying much it said so much. I loved it ;D
    And now that you are kinda active on the blog I hope you’ll continue this by updating regularly.

    Waiting for more.

    Love ya ;D

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