Just a thought

All her life she had never thought she would just be given away to a stranger. She had never thought that she would not have a choice – not really. She had never thought that she would not fall in love or that a stranger would not sweep her off her feet. She had always thought that she would fall in love for the heck – for who he would be. She had never thought she would fall in love because she had no other way to go. Suddenly, there is this new idea – a concept all together alien – rooting deep and making its presence known through the chill that has engulfed her heart. The panic and apprehensions are increasing. Suddenly she feels she doesn’t belong here or anywhere. She has that insane feeling that she’ll be done away too. Her worth will be counted by the lakhs her father can spend on her lavish wedding ceremony and her worthlessness by her dark complexion and the inches of height she lacks.

Although she is just eighteen, she knows her fate is the same as that another girl in the other room. That girl whose dreams too were broken down by this day in her life. That girl too had dreamt of a knight in a shining armour who’d fall in love with her for herself – accepting her ideals and growing old with her in his arms as they together went about fulfilling each others dream and not only his.


Did she not want to fly in the clouds above the rainbow, where the beautiful blue world resides? Here she is caged and chained by her own thoughts . She is pinned down and unable to spread her wings by her own conservativeness. The fluffy, soft surfaced clouds have been bartered for these hard and difficult planes where she tosses and turns, thinks and sobs but cannot fly away. The rainbow has faded away and in its place lays with its arm open a dull lead like sky which has shot in this moment all her happiness and dreams and promises to engulf her in its strong arms. All she wanted was to spread her wings and fly away. Was it too much to ask?


A/N – This is absolutely preposterous. To the hell with it. Haha!

Another request, if you visit this blog and read something. Please do comment. Please. It would mean a lot. It doesn’t matter if it is good or bad. 🙂



  1. I like this piece. A girl waiting to break free. Isn’t this something we all dream about to be swept off by a knight in shining Armour..LOL.. but not everyone is lucky enough and this girl is not. Beautiful piece like always..

    Now I want to read something fluffy from you. So next time..please.. 🙂

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