She stood there on the sandy road in the middle of a deserted garage. The sky was fuchsia turning into a hue of violet. She tried to concentrate on the white clouds above. She, however, could not help but stare at the brown grains under her feet. The breeze blowing announced the arrival of rain in the near future. She felt the moistness of her skin. She had her back turned to the only person present there. She knew he was there. She knew she had to tell him. She knew his heart would break. She just hoped that her heart would survive the storm.
I think it’s time we ended this thing.
This thing that we have.
I don’t understand. Explain.
I can’t.
Why do you want to end it?
I don’t know.
You don’t?
She heard him making his way out. She could hear the sand under his feet flying around. Although it was evening, there were no stars in the sky. The clouds were slowly but swiftly covering the colours of the heaven and making everything dark.
In that moment, her heart broke. It broke into small pieces as if it were made of glass. She was battling her inner self – debating with herself if she should laugh out loud or allow the tears at the brim of her eyes full reign. She merely smiled. She deemed it not correct to cry. She was responsible for a heart-break. She was responsible for his state. She knew, however, that she’d never be what he deserved. She understood that she was merely in love with the love he felt for her. She was just in love with herself.

A/N – This one is for R! For all the time we’ve sat and discussed heartbreaks and love and especially to one long night chat! 🙂



  1. Okay so this piece…I kinda got confused when I read the first time but after reading it again..I understood..I loved the last line. It was just one line but it meant everything you wrote in the piece….quite innovative 😀


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