Does It Happen to You too??

That moment when all you want to do is put your head against the door jamb and feel the cool wind caressing your face and playing with your hair. In that moment all you want to do is listen to the music playing in the car and watch the beautiful scenery whooshing by and you don’t want the drive to ever end. In that moment all you pray that this trance never breaks. Happens with me all the time.



I have always loved car drives, especially the quite, unplanned and incidental ones. I remember, a few months ago, when I was visiting, one of my cousins took me with her to meet her beau. To say that it was absolutely awkward is an understatement. The guy was there, sitting in the driver’s seat and he greets me with politeness and I don’t know what to say. My cousin slid down in the front seat and left with no option, I had to occupy the back seat. He zoomed the car through the city, making polite conversation and I didn’t know what to speak. Heck, I didn’t even see his face. I just looked out the window and didn’t even dare to roll down the window there. Suddenly, I realised we were long past city boundaries and in my non-listening state I’d agreed for a long drive to a cycling track somewhere faraway from the city. I had my apprehensions which I kept to myself. 


The music was unlike what I was accustomed to but it was sympathetic. And then the window rolled down on its own accord and the conversation started flowing. The guy actually ganged up with me against my coz and we flirted a little. My hair flew in the breeze and I liked the feel of my olive green scarf floating there on the window pane. We climbed hills and I saw a green hue blurring away. It was lots of fun. Suddenly, the stranger with a taste for rock and who had files strewn in the back seat of his car became a friend. And I didn’t want the drive to end. 


I didn’t talk to him again and the pair have probably broken up. We didn’t go on the lunch date, he promised he’d ditch  my coz for but still this is a memory I’ll always. Does it happen with you too, that a stranger is stuck in your memories – one whose eyes were covered with sunglasses and a face you’ll never know?? Happened with me last holidays.




  1. HELL…O… 😛

    See I am back…and no this never happened to least till now…LOL..Well I am glad you added the link in your makes it easier to come on the blog 😀
    Anyways the title of this piece caught my attention and as soon as I finished I was like…Whoa…really? LOL
    You know sometimes it takes hell lot of time to get to know someone and sometimes just one meeting is enough to make the presence felt for lifetime and here it’s the latter one..

    One more thing to add…I love long drive. and now I need to brush up my driving skills again…LOL..

    • I see you are back. :p
      Should happen everyone. It’s fun, LOL!
      I think it does take a lot of time to understand someone but sometimes small moments with a stranger are happier than anything else. 🙂

      I love long drives too but I don’t know how to drive. 😦 😀

  2. Hiya Dee ❤

    I'm a sucker for long drives and now.. I'm all the more in love with them after the story… It was such an epic description… And I dunno why, but I could imagine Lavanya, Khushi and Arnav in this story.. call it my obsession for ArHi or whatever but goggles always remind me of Arnav these days! 😛

    We climbed hills and I saw a green hue blurring away.
    ^ Being a nature lover, that line means the world to me… Excellent writeup! ❤ I'm definitely a fan of your work now… Haha! 🙂


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