A Game

Whether it is ironic or sheer convention, I have been unable to understand. The universe seems to play a hideous game with its inhabitants. It is neither hide-n-seek nor catch-n-cook yet just the same. It is a simple game where each person born in this zoned out place is handed over a gift called life, which is wrapped in a beautiful glossy paper called circumstances and tied with a bright ribbon of decisions. The insides are consequences. In all the years, when the sand has been gathering and has formed rocks and the stones weathering and going back to grains, there have only been few winners – winners who understand and enervate the imbalance in the balance of nature – the right and the wrong, the happy and the sad.

At one moment, there is a smile on the beautiful faces of lovely people and the next, it turns upside down and a tear drop rolls down the pale cheeks of the same yet ugly individual. To some life seems to be a beautiful canvas of bright and dull hues but to the same it turns into a black and white documentary, which is difficult to tolerate. Where there was anticipation, disappointment makes its way and settles down so quickly yet so slowly that we forget the presence of that another feeling – the oblivion and dizziness of a happy desire.

The universe is a strange place with even stranger people living in it. We grow apart deliberately and then try to mend the wedge. We laugh and then they cry. We smile and we frown. We like things and dislike friends. We keep friends close and enemies closer. We love and we hate. We lose our way midst the crowd and find not our destinies. We do away with micro – seconds of joy for greater hours of ending yet endless sorrows.

So when a lovely and bubbly girl grows into a sober and quiet lady, there is only one explanation – the universe took things into its hands and then all that happened to her was life – “Life happened.”

A/N – This one was written ages ago, meant for a blog I abandoned. But Couldn’t help putting it up here!


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